Announcing A New Book By Jack Devine – Spymaster’s Prism

Friends, colleagues, and collaborators,

I am delighted to announce the publication of my second book, Spymaster’s Prism, available for pre-order now at Potomac Books and Amazon.

My goal in writing Spymaster’s Prism was to offer my perspective on Russia’s decades of unceasing attempts to subvert our democracy and how to devise strategies to counter these assaults. Americans are facing a high level of internal division, and as we strive to address what divides us, it is critical that we not lose sight of the need to defend our democracy from nefarious external actors, including Russia.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday!


Spymaster’s Prism

In Spymaster’s Prism the legendary former spymaster Jack Devine details the unending struggle with Russia and its intelligence agencies as it works against our national security. Devine tells this story through the unique perspective of a seasoned CIA professional who served more than three decades, some at the highest levels of the agency. He uses his gimlet-eyed view to walk us through the fascinating spy cases and covert action activities of Russia, not only through the Cold War past but up to and including its interference in the Trump era. Devine also looks over the horizon to see what lies ahead in this struggle and provides prescriptions for the future.

Based on personal experience and exhaustive research, Devine builds a vivid and complex mosaic that illustrates how Russia’s intelligence activities have continued uninterrupted throughout modern history, using fundamentally identical policies and techniques to undermine our democracy. He shows in stark terms how intelligence has been modernized and weaponized through the power of the cyber world.

Devine presents his analysis using clear-eyed vision and a repertoire of better-than-fiction spy stories, giving us an objective, riveting, and candid take on U.S.-Russia relations. He offers key lessons from our intelligence successes and failures over the past seventy-five years that will help us determine how to address our current strategic shortfall, emerge ahead of the Russians, and be prepared for what’s to come from any adversary.