“They wanted to send a message” Jack Devine discusses Russia’s use of assassination as a tactic on Newt Gingrich’s podcast, April 2019

Jack Devine, 32-year veteran of the CIA, and Newt Gingrich discussed Russia’s history of assassination including the recent attempt on Sergei Skripal. Putting the attempted murder of Skripal in a larger context, Jack says that Russia has long seen murder as a legitimate way to deal with dissidents and other “enemies of the state.” Jack suggests that Putin’s KGB experience drives his decision making, and, despite some short-term operational success, his Cold War tactics have led to a poor overall strategy which has weakened Russian’s economy and isolated it on the international stage. Going forward, Jack says that resetting relations with Russia is futile while Putin continues to use “the old playbook.”

Newt’s World Ep 13: Russia – Death by Poison
Note: Jack’s segment begins at the 59-minute mark.