“What Would an AMLO Presidency Mean for Mexico?” Amanda Mattingly, Latin America Advisor, February 2018

In a recent Latin America Advisor Q&A, TAG Senior Director Amanda Mattingly commented on the possibility of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) being elected as the next president of Mexico. Mattingly said, “If successful in July, AMLO’s election as president would likely spook financial markets in the short term, resulting in a period of capital flight from Mexico, a cooling of foreign investment and a further slump in growth. To some extent, this is already happening, given that AMLO has been leading in the polls for several months and NAFTA negotiations have been hanging in the balance for over a year.” Mattingly’s comments on AMLO were also picked up in the El Heraldo de México on February 23, 2018.

What Would an AMLO Presidency Mean for Mexico?

AMLO: ¿discurso económico moderado? Sí, pero…

“CIA Veteran of 32 Years Jack Devine Discusses Intervention and Afghanistan,” SOFREP Radio, February 2018

Jack Devine recently talked with Ian Scotto on SOFREP Radio about the CIA, Afghanistan, and the Russians. According to Jack, the problem with the “bloody nose” school of thought today, is that “you have to have a full game plan when you go into these things.” Using the Afghan program of the 1980s as an example, Jack explained that US intervention works well when it is targeted and temporary and when we have good and willing partners already on the ground.

Episode 326: CIA veteran of 32 years Jack Devine discusses intervention and Afghanistan

“Jack Devine Talks About the FBI and CIA,” Jack Devine on Bloomberg Radio, February 2018

TAG President Jack Devine talked with Bloomberg Radio on February 9, 2018 about a host of issues, including Jack joining the Agency, the realities of the Afghan Task Force in the 1980s, the founding of The Arkin Group after his 32-year career at the CIA, and the relationship between politics and intelligence as it relates to the FBI and CIA. Jack said he is a proponent of keeping politics out of the FBI and CIA. He also noted that the distinguishing work of TAG is collecting information internationally and helping clients to navigate business abroad. As Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz said, “If you’re at all interested in spy craft, relationships with Russians and other foreign agencies, counternarcotics intelligence, and the role of intelligence agencies on the global stage, this is the conversation for you.”

Jack Devine Talks About the FBI and CIA

“Jack Devine on his Winter Intelligence Report,” Jack Devine on Bloomberg Markets AM, January 2018

TAG President Jack Devine talked on Bloomberg Markets AM with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz on January 25, 2018 about his Winter Intelligence Report. Jack said, “I don’t see a military resolution to the situation with North Korea,” but he said we need to slow down the nuclear program and negotiate a temporary agreement. Asked if he thinks the United States is in a more dangerous position because of his relationship with our allies, Jack said that he does not think any of the alliances are at risk, but they have to figure out how to deal with Trump.

Jack Devine on his Winter Intelligence Report