“Thinking Forward: Preparing for U.S. Election Turbulence” – KARV Communications Q&A with Jack Devine, October 27, 2020

A week before Election Day 2020, TAG President Jack Devine spoke with KARV Communications about the U.S. elections and prospects for political unrest in the country following the vote. Asked what companies should be doing to prepare for any potential civil unrest or other issues in the aftermath of the election, Jack said, “This is potentially the most contentious election of this generation due to the uncertain outcome and COVID-19-related difficulties in voting. There could be some civil unrest if one candidate appears to win on election night, but mail-in votes change the results. Keep in mind that the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, and Minnesota all have ballot deadlines three or more days beyond election day. If the eventual numbers are close, there could be short-term unrest. National security and police infrastructure are robust enough to not let this get out of hand. The U.S. is well-positioned to handle protests or other disruptions after the election, and our political institutions will prevail. Due to the level of uncertainty of the election and citizen response, it is essential that companies have well-practiced emergency plans including protection of people, information, and physical facilities.”

Read Jack’s Q&A with KARV Communications here.