“Jack Devine Talks About the FBI and CIA,” Jack Devine on Bloomberg Radio, February 2018

TAG President Jack Devine talked with Bloomberg Radio on February 9, 2018 about a host of issues, including Jack joining the Agency, the realities of the Afghan Task Force in the 1980s, the founding of The Arkin Group after his 32-year career at the CIA, and the relationship between politics and intelligence as it relates to the FBI and CIA. Jack said he is a proponent of keeping politics out of the FBI and CIA. He also noted that the distinguishing work of TAG is collecting information internationally and helping clients to navigate business abroad. As Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz said, “If you’re at all interested in spy craft, relationships with Russians and other foreign agencies, counternarcotics intelligence, and the role of intelligence agencies on the global stage, this is the conversation for you.”

Jack Devine Talks About the FBI and CIA