“A genuine crisis with no quick fix” Jack Devine discusses immigration on Bloomberg Radio, April 2019

Jack Devine, former chief of CIA’s worldwide operations, and founding partner and President of The Arkin Group, discusses the border crisis and the firings at DHS. Jack sees the upheaval at DHS as part of the larger process through which President Trump is finally getting people he trusts into place. He said that Trump’s initial hires were made out of necessity more than comfort, but time and experience has allowed him to identify people who he believes will support and implement has policies. “We’ve gone from the Trump presidency to the Trump government,” Jack said. Despite the government’s intense focus on immigration, Jack does not see any easy solutions as the drivers of the problem, including political and economic instability in parts of Central America, cannot be resolved quickly.

Jack also touches on Trump’s accusations of spying by the FBI.

Family Dimension Complicates Immigration Crisis