“Practical Advice for Crisis Preparedness,” featuring Jack Devine in conversation with Sergio Galvis of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

TAG President Jack Devine participated in a podcast with Sergio Galvis, partner at Sullivan & Cromwell and editor of Latin Lawyer, about The Arkin Group’s work with clients in managing risks and seizing opportunities around the world, particularly in Latin America. As Jack noted, “A company has to have protocols, plans, cyber plans, what happens if their system’s taken down … Much of intelligence is getting ready before the balloon goes up. It’s the preparation. We used to call it “putting the plumbing in,” and a lot of companies spend a lot of money but very little in what I would call the plumbing for intelligence, protection, and crisis management.” The podcast presents practical strategies derived from Jack and Sergio’s decades of experience in the region. According to Jack, company boards and executives can do much to safeguard their assets and operations in Latin America by first and foremost, gathering intelligence about their business partners, knowing who they are dealing with on the ground, and understanding the local terrain.

Jack and Amanda Mattingly, managing director at The Arkin Group, also authored a chapter on dealing with political violence and crime in Latin America for The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management, Second Edition, published by Latin Lawyer.