Business Intelligence

Best in class companies rely on increasingly sophisticated information gathering programs to assess critical developments in industries and operating environments… Related Case Studies »

Due Diligence

Reliable information has never been more critical to sound business decisions than in today’s economy. Our due diligence practice specializes in assessing risk… Related Case Studies »

Investigations & Forensics

The Arkin Group has conducted numerous large scale investigations designed to provide actionable information to support litigation and business strategies… Related Case Studies »

Strategic Crisis Consulting

Relying on the steady hand of experience spanning industries, issues and geography, The Arkin Group brings to its clients tested expertise in advocating for companies… Related Case Studies »

Political Risk Analysis

Understanding the political and economic environments in which your business units, partners, and acquisition targets operate is essential to any firm’s risk mitigation strategy… Related Case Studies »

Security & Preparedness

A review of this year’s headlines provides a vivid illustration of the catastrophic events that can significantly impact business operations—natural disasters, terrorism… Related Case Studies »