The CIA Solution for Afghanistan, Jack Devine; Wall Street Journal, July 29, 2010

On July 29, 2010, The Arkin Group President Jack Devine published an 0p-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he advocates the expanded use of covert action in Afghanistan.  Having led the CIA Afghan Task Force that supported the Afghan mujahedeen of the 1980s in defeating the Russians, Jack recognizes the American playbook in use today.  A predominantly military approach focused on the centralization of power didn’t work for the Russians in the 1980s, and it won’t work for the US today.

Read the full text of the op-ed:  The CIA Solution for Afghanistan WSJ 7-29-10

Jack Devine on “FreedomWatch with The Judge”

On Saturday, July 10, 2010, Jack Devine appeared on “FreedomWatch” with Judge Andrew Napolitano.  Jack and Judge Napolitano engaged in a provocative discussion about the war in Afghanistan and the potential role for CIA-led covert action in helping to maintain stability there.

Watch “FreedomWatch with The Judge” and Jack Devine (25:25):

L’Affaire “Farewell”

Renowned NPR talk show host Leonard Lopate and Jack Devine discuss Christian Carion’s engaging new film, “Farewell.”

The film tells the true story of a KGB colonel who gives top-secret Russian documents to a French businessman in an effort to help end the seemingly interminable Cold War.

Click here to listen:

Jack Devine on the Leonard Lopate Show 7/06/10